Patrick Witt Denies That Sexual Assault Claims Played Any Role In His Rhodes Scholarship Withdrawal

It was only yesterday we were disabused of the notion that the Yale quarterback passed up on his final Rhodes Scholarship interview in order to play in the big Harvard game. Instead, the Times reported that sexual assault claims from a fellow student caused the Rhodes Trust to ask Yale for a re-endorsement, and Witt… »1/27/12 11:35am1/27/12 11:35am


New York Times: College Football Is In Crisis, What With The Resume Padding And Child Rape And Things Like That

Today's New York Times writes up the resignation of Yale football coach Tom Williams, caught in a resume-padding scandal after he claimed to have been a former Rhodes Scholarship finalist. A two-bylined investigation by the Times in November, as Yale quarterback Patrick Witt was dropping out of the Rhodes process so… »12/22/11 6:19pm12/22/11 6:19pm

Yale's Football Coach, Like Vince Lombardi, May Have Padded His Academic Resume

Yale quarterback Patrick Witt's conflict with the Rhodes Scholarship organization this week has also drawn attention to the scholarly credentials of the school's football coach, Tom Williams. So far, the New York Times has devoted two stories—with two reporters working on each—to investigating whether Williams ever… »11/18/11 5:19pm11/18/11 5:19pm

Cecil Rhodes Would Have Given Yale's Quarterback A Scholarship For Telling The Pencil-Necks Who Run The Rhodes Scholarship To Get Lost

Yale quarterback Patrick Witt withdrew his application for a Rhodes Scholarship this week, after the Rhodes committee informed him that he would have to skip the Harvard-Yale game to attend his scholarship interview. quoted the American Secretary for the Rhodes Trust, Elliot F. Gerson as saying, "We have… »11/18/11 2:19pm11/18/11 2:19pm