The Patriots Knew Exactly What Was Coming

Legacies turn on so little. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick take their places among the greatest of all time, and Pete Carroll instantly goes from defending champion/genius to goat, all thanks to one inexplicable play call, yes, but even more so because of one aggressive move from a rookie who wasn't even supposed to be… » 2/02/15 9:25am 2/02/15 9:25am

The Seahawks' Read-Option Fake Was Just A Gorgeous, Perfect Play

Colin Kaepernick And Two Other NFLers Won't Be Charged In April Incident

Prosecutors announced today that 49ers players Colin Kaepernick and Quinton Patton, and Seahawks player Ricardo Lockette would not be charged in connection with an April incident in Miami involving a woman. » 6/12/14 8:03pm 6/12/14 8:03pm

Colin Kaepernick, Two Other NFLers Investigated In "Suspicious Incident"

According to Miami police, San Francisco 49ers players Colin Kaepernick and Quinton Patton and Seahawks receiver Ricardo Lockette are being investigated in connection with what is being called a "suspicious incident" that occurred in Miami earlier this month. [Update: the full incident report can be found at the… » 4/10/14 1:42pm 4/10/14 1:42pm