Rich Eisen's So Excited For Thursday Night Football, He Might Need New…

So we have a full season of Thursday Night Football on NFL Network (for those of us fortunate enough to receive that channel, at least) and that means plenty of action our favorite ego wrangler Rich Eisen. It can be hard to manage a set featuring personalities like Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin, much less to make… » 9/14/12 9:00am 9/14/12 9:00am

15 Years Ago, I Wrote A Fan Letter To ESPN. Here's Who Wrote Back.

I don't remember now what was in my letter, which I'd addressed to the very nonspecific "SportsCenter anchors." I'm sure it was your standard fan mail—"I'm a big fan, I watch every morning, I want to be on ESPN one day." I don't think I asked for a reply, and I definitely didn't ask for signed headshots. » 12/28/11 12:20pm 12/28/11 12:20pm

Somebody Doesn't Like Rich Eisen

Rich Eisen is a consumate professional (if occasionally flirty on the email) so we can't fathom why somebody would chuck garbage at him while doing a live shot before halftime of the miserable Thursday Night Football game in Atlanta. Kudos to Rich for keeping a straight face through it all. [NFL Network] » 12/15/11 11:51pm 12/15/11 11:51pm

A Long List Of Sports Figures Who've Also Claimed Their Twitter Was…

As soon as Rep. Anthony Weiner first acknowledged his roiling Twitter-bulge scandal with a desperate "I've been hacked" defense last week, we knew he was guilty. "I've been hacked" is the first refuge of a cock-Tweeter. Weiner isn't the first to mistakenly send a private Twitter flirtation to a relative stranger. Here's a … » 6/07/11 2:25pm 6/07/11 2:25pm

Would You Like To Read Rich Eisen's Flirty Emails?

If anyone still remembers the "Sexy Newslady Sends Bikini Photos To Rich Eisen" saga, some emails between Eisen and Alycia Lane have been revealed in court. They're pretty tame, but remember, he was married and old people are boring. [NYDailyNews] » 6/05/10 3:30pm 6/05/10 3:30pm

Rich Eisen Just Can't Seem To Escape Embarrassing Flirty E-mail…

The saga of former Philadelphia anchorhussy Alycia Lane has reached its messy legal stage, as the publicity-attracting former newslady has filed a 40-page lawsuit against the former station, mostly alleging that her former employer was completely wrong for firing her. Once public, the suit also brings up that whole… » 6/23/08 3:30pm 6/23/08 3:30pm