Rich People Are Using Cryotherapy To Freeze Themselves Skinny

If I told you you could stand in a tube of cold air for a few minutes to lose weight and be in the best shape of your life would you do it? Are you a rich dummy? Did you answer “yes” to both of the previous questions? Then allow me to introduce you to cryotherapy, a new sci-fi method of freezing off calories and… »7/29/15 2:41pm7/29/15 2:41pm


Alex Rodriguez Only Gave $5,090 Of The $403,862 He Raised For Charity To Charity

The Boston Globe dug through the world of shady athlete charities this week, and while many of their findings were disappointing (if not surprising), we'd be remiss if we didn't highlight one charge in particular. It's been a while since anyone thought Alex Rodriguez was a stand-up guy, but this seems...egregious: »3/02/13 2:15pm3/02/13 2:15pm

Gather 'Round, Grove, Draper and Ronjohn: The Lacrosse All-Name Team Is Here

What makes a great lacrosse name? There must be a whiff of old money and non-rhotic lockjaw, but it's more than that. In the spirit of Potter Stewart's test for obscenity ("I know it when I see it") and Katie Baker's beloved lacrosse family the Stanwicks (Sheehan, Wick, Coco, Tad, Steele, Wells and Covie), Inside… »12/19/11 11:25am12/19/11 11:25am

Tiger Woods's Backyard Practice Facility Is Nicer Than Most Golf Courses

We should not lose any sleep over Tiger's latest setbacks. He could be done for the 2011 season, and he's going through the second difficult break-up of his young life, but he is still terribly wealthy and preparing to move into a Jupiter Island, Fla. estate that is reportedly worth $54.5 million. »7/28/11 12:35pm7/28/11 12:35pm

Rafael Furcal Is Worth One Kitchen And A Swimming Pool, And Other McCourt-Divorce Grotesqueries

These are not happy times for the Dodgers. They're bankrupt and at the center of a hate triangle between the McCourts and Bud Selig. The worst part is how easily this all could have been avoided. While the team is struggling to make payroll from month to month, the McCourts' pre-divorce personal expenses could cover… »7/12/11 1:00pm7/12/11 1:00pm

Roman Abramovich's Fantasy Football Team Is Better Than Yours

Apparently Roman Abramovich doesn't like being first runner-up. After completing the silver sweep last season—finishing second in the Premier League, the Carling Cup, and the Champions League—the Russian billionaire owner of Chelsea FC responded by purchasing half of the Portuguese-speaking world. First he poached the… »8/27/08 3:00pm8/27/08 3:00pm