Richard Gere's Homelessness Drama Time Out Of Mind Will Hit You Hard

1. New York City is obviously the central setting of thousands of movies, and, being New York City, it’s adept at serving as whatever backdrop you want it to serve. It can connote romance or menace, limitless possibility or untold decadence, Candyland or the Hellmouth. But, as someone who lived there for 13 years, I… »9/10/15 3:00pm9/10/15 3:00pm


Know A Black Guy, And Other Tips For Being A One Percenter From Richard Gere's Stupid New Movie, Arbitrage

I try to avoid pre-release publicity, even trailers, as much as possible, but inevitably one gets blasted with the Internet news firehose no matter how much one tries to avoid it. So I knew that Arbitrage, which opens Friday, was supposed to be a thriller about a hyper-wealthy hedge fund manager and that it was… »9/12/12 3:25pm9/12/12 3:25pm