Here's Another One Of Those 105-Yard Kickoff Returns We Were Told We'd…

When the NFL moved kickoffs up prior to the start of the season, long returns were nearly declared extinct. While the number of return TDs is down significantly, there have been a good number of surprises, like this one from San Diego's Richard Goodman. [CBS] » 1/01/12 6:28pm 1/01/12 6:28pm

Florida State Takes Strong Stance On Chair-On-Face Violence

Florida State wide receiver Richard Goodman was arrested and charged with a felony for that on campus brawl last fall and has been suspended from the team. Oh, so suddenly the Seminoles doesn't want their players hitting women in the face with chairs? Sheesh, make up your mind. [Orlando Sentinel] » 5/27/09 6:15pm 5/27/09 6:15pm