Pimp's Progress: How Richard Pryor Made The Mack His Own

Excerpted from Scott Saul's new biography, Becoming Richard Pryor. Quick setup: When Pryor started collaborating on the screenplay to The Mack—the 1973 film that brought the figure of the pimp to mainstream America—he was at an uncertain crossroads in his career. In the mid-1960s, he had become a fixture on TV… »12/23/14 2:43pm12/23/14 2:43pm


Richard Pryor Knew All About Police Brutality

As with many other subjects, it turns out Richard Pryor was willing to talk openly about police brutality long before most other Americans. Here's a clip from his 1977 standup movie Richard Pryor Live in Concert (the whole thing is a masterpiece, by the way), wherein he almost perfectly describes future events,… »12/04/14 2:56pm12/04/14 2:56pm