Jay Cutler Is Not A Winner Because He Doesn't Smile At Bears Employees, Writes Crazy Person

I'm not sure where to begin with this column by Rick Telander of the Chicago Sun-Times. The headline says it's about Jay Cutler, but the first half of it has nothing to do with Jay Cutler—it's all about Tom Brady and Eli Manning, since they're in the Super Bowl. By the time Telander gets to telling us about Cutler,… »1/25/12 6:20pm1/25/12 6:20pm

Rick Telander Does Not Fear ESPN's Wrath — But He Does Respect It

In a tough economic market, you'll find many sports writers scaling back on their criticism for the sake of job security. Trying to garner attention through traditional shit-stirring isn't the best way to keep your self afloat right now — piss off the wrong source or anger enough readers and you may find yourself… »11/19/08 2:15pm11/19/08 2:15pm

So Rick Telander Meets Jay Mariotti Sweaty and Nude...

The long-standing feud between former Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti and current CST columnist Rick Telander has been well-publicized and generated notoriety given its potential for violence »10/22/08 2:45pm10/22/08 2:45pm. Once Jay quit, the yelps of joy from inside the Sun-Times' newsroom could pretty much be heard () around the world…