Stories That Don't Suck: SportsFeat's Guide To The Ballplayer's Twilight

Every Friday, SportsFeat picks a few great weekend reads for Deadspin. In honor of Derek Jeter and his labored quest for 3,000 hits, here are well-told stories of ballplayers just before, in the years after, or at the exact moment they retired. » 7/08/11 4:38pm 7/08/11 4:38pm

The Rickey Henderson Lovebirds Explain Themselves

Remember when you all made your jokey jokes at the expense of the couple, united by the majesty that is Rickey, who flew to Cooperstown for his induction? Well, they read Deadspin. Don't you feel bad now? » 8/02/09 4:30pm 8/02/09 4:30pm

In Celebration Of A Hall Of Fame Yente

In some countries, marriages are arranged. But in America — where love reigns supreme — Rickey Henderson has the power vested in him to unite man and woman, reports this piece of cardboard. » 7/27/09 7:15pm 7/27/09 7:15pm

Rickey Would Like To Thank Everyone Who Made This Possible (Especially…

Rickey Henderson was swept into the Baseball Hall of Fame today with a landslide majority of 511 votes, while others received a few less. » 1/12/09 5:00pm 1/12/09 5:00pm

Corky Strikes Back: 'The Internet Is Like A Sewer ...'

The Hall of Fame voting comes out in a couple of hours, so it's only appropriate that we check in with our old friend Corky Simpson, the writer who did not vote for Rickey Henderson. » 1/12/09 1:15pm 1/12/09 1:15pm

Ancient Journalist Apologizes For Chasing Rickey Henderson Off Of His…

Retired Tucson Citizen columnist Corky Simpson says he's very sorry for leaving Rickey Henderson off of his Hall of Fame ballot, and also that they've apparently canceled Murder, She Wrote. » 1/09/09 12:00pm 1/09/09 12:00pm

Octogenarian Writer Leaves Rickey Henderson Off HOF Ballot; Hilarity…

Rickey Henderson is a lock to be voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, but will he be the first-ever unanimous selection? Sadly, no ... thanks to this man! » 1/07/09 1:00pm 1/07/09 1:00pm

Rickey Henderson Ready To Enter The Rickey Henderson Hall Of Fame

The Baseball Hall of Fame ballots are out and there's really only one player who seems certain to be inducted next summer—Rickey Henley Henderson. Rickey was one of the most ridiculous humans to ever play organized baseball, but Rickey was also one of the best all-around players ever and a constant source of… » 12/04/08 3:00pm 12/04/08 3:00pm

Rickey Will Make It Back To the Majors, And Also Catch Your Dinner

One good thing has come from all of this Roger Clemens hoo-haw; noting that he is only four years older than The Rocket — and a year younger than Julio Franco — Rickey Henderson says that he is considering coming out of retirement. Henderson, now a special instructor for the Mets, last played baseball in 2005, for the… » 5/09/07 2:30pm 5/09/07 2:30pm

Don't Count Rickey Out Yet

So we spent most of the day yesterday wondering why ESPN was reporting that our beloved Rickey Henderson had retired, even though not a single other media outlet had picked it up and it wasn't on They even did one of those generically rocking montages that ESPN does so well. » 12/07/05 9:00am 12/07/05 9:00am

Rickey's Gonna Do What Rickey's Gonna Do

Great, great, great news: Rickey Henderson could finally make it back to the majors. It might not necessarily be in the way we'd prefer — we'd like to see Rickey a top some sort of wild animal, an elephant or giraffe maybe, as the United Nations holds a special session up in a skybox in his honor; oh, and we'd also… » 9/22/05 1:08pm 9/22/05 1:08pm

The Minimum Wage Of The Newark Bears

We've had a grand time this morning flipping through the newest issue of New York magazine and its Salary Issue. Essentially, it looks at all different fields and examines how salaries compare to each other, and sports is one of its most entertaining entires. We have our doubts about a few of the numbers on the list,… » 9/19/05 11:40am 9/19/05 11:40am

Rickey Does What Rickey Does, Baby

Surprising no one, Rickey Henderson rocked in his San Diego Surf Dawgs debut last night. We honestly would lose our collective minds if Rickey made it back to the bigs; we think we would just follow him around, like Phish or the Grateful Dead or REO Speedwagon. » 5/27/05 12:28pm 5/27/05 12:28pm