Dodgers To Start Clayton Kershaw Tonight On Short Rest

Had they lost last night, the Dodgers let it be known, they would have considered starting Clayton Kershaw tonight in what would have been an elimination game. Sensible enough—Kershaw is the best pitcher in baseball, after all! No reason not to start him in an elimination game. But then they went out and whipped the… »10/07/13 6:25pm10/07/13 6:25pm


Sure, Why Not, Give Blind Boy Some Credit For Ryan Howard's Homer

We can’t say with certainty that Ryan Howard a home run Friday for a little boy who is blind. What we can say for sure is a little boy named A.J., who is 7 years old and who is blind, asked Ryan Howard before the game to hit a home run and that Ryan Howard clobbered the first strike Ricky Nolasco presented him… »5/04/13 7:06pm5/04/13 7:06pm

The Marlins Have Become The (Original) Kings Of Comedy

The Miami Marlins are 1-3 so far in their dream season. They'd be fifth in the NL East if not for the fact that an NL East team (Atlanta) had to play the New York JuggerMets and consequently didn't win a game. Their manager offended, like, half of Miami. Someone's squatting on their domain name. Their owner trotted… »4/09/12 11:46am4/09/12 11:46am

Morning Blogdome: Hiroki Kuroda Gets Rattled By The Rush

Domo arigato Hiroki Kuroda: Almost perfect. But, alas, the Dodgers' rookie pitcher gave up one hit, 0 BBs, on the way to a 3-0 victory over the Atlanta Braves last night. Says a starstruck Joe Torre: "That was about as machine and robotic as you've ever seen a pitcher throw one strike after another." [Blue Notes] »7/08/08 10:15am7/08/08 10:15am