How To Pick The Perfect Engagement Ring Without Selling Your Kidneys

Shopping for an engagement ring has got to be one of the most angst-ridden things a grown-ass man can go through. Between worrying about the correct sizing, decoding the "one-sixth of your annual salary" thing, and, you know, trying to find a style that your soul mate will want to wear for the rest of her life,… »2/25/15 12:41pm2/25/15 12:41pm


The Greatest NBA Player To Never Win A Title Is Auctioning Off His Championship Ring. (What?)

Elgin Baylor did it all. Rookie of the year. The hall of fame. Eleven all-star appearances, and 10 NBA first-team selections. But though he went to the finals eight times in his 13-plus-year career, he never won the big one. That out of the way, want to buy Elgin Baylor's championship ring? »5/29/13 3:45pm5/29/13 3:45pm