Meet The Rio De Janeiro Olympic Mascots: Cat And Tree

Today Rio de Janeiro organizers officially debuted the mascots for the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The Olympic athletes get a cat! The disabled athletes get a plant. » 11/24/14 10:46am 11/24/14 10:46am

The Trouble With Rio: Can the City Be Ready By 2016?

With just over two years to go until Rio kicks off the 2016 Olympic Games, Olympic officials are taking stock of how ready Rio really is. The short answer? They're not. But how far behind are its preparations? And can the city possibly catch up in time? » 6/04/14 10:20am 6/04/14 10:20am

The Only Qualified Drug Testing Lab In Brazil Just Lost Accreditation

Boy, this would really be a problem if Brazil were going to host any major international sporting events in the next, say, three years. » 8/28/13 8:46am 8/28/13 8:46am

Is Robert Griffin III Fast Enough To Run Track In The 2016 Olympics?

Is Robert Griffin III really a "world-class hurdler," as ESPN called him? In this week's Hang Up and Listen, Mike Pesca takes a look at RG3's times from high school and college and finds that, well, maybe it's not an exaggeration. » 8/24/12 6:29pm 8/24/12 6:29pm