Drew Brees Needs His Beefy Mac

The evening before he played one of the best games of his career, Saints QB Drew Brees did not get his traditional beefy macaroni casserole. And when Drew Brees does not get his beefy macaroni casserole—or, as Sean Payton calls it, his "beefy mac"—Drew Brees goes down that buffet line and he improvises his beefy mac… » 10/24/11 7:45pm 10/24/11 7:45pm

Wily Mo Pena Spits A Loogie Into His Helmet, Hits Two-Run Walkoff

Via Awful Announcing, here's Baseball MLB Tonight's involved slo-mo breakdown of Willy Mo Pena's pre-game-winning-homerun ritual: he sends a gob of spit and possibly other substances in his helmet, and then he wears the helmet. Babe might be proud. Babe also might be kind of grossed out. » 6/29/11 12:05pm 6/29/11 12:05pm

Texas HS Baseball Players Charged In Chicken Decapitations

Western Hills High School's baseball team is 7-15 on the season. That's not a very good record. "Change the atmosphere in the clubhouse," old-timey baseball men would say. The team needs some clutch, some grit, some hustle. » 4/01/11 1:20pm 4/01/11 1:20pm