You Will Watch This Truck Full Of Cows Crash And You Will Be Mesmerized

We're just going to assume this takes place in Russia, because everything crazy happens in Russia. Anyway, you're going to go into this video expecting to see lots of carnage and cow guts and death, but you are not going to see that. Instead, you are going to see a gigantic truck full of live cows roll over, and then… » 12/18/12 1:06pm 12/18/12 1:06pm

Chien-Ming Wang Holds Press Conference To Apologize For Cheating On Wife

In 2009, Chien-Ming Wang had received shoulder surgery that would keep him out of baseball for two years, and had just lost his contract with the Yankees. So he did what any one of us would do—he went to the bar a lot, and chatted up the cute bartender. » 4/24/12 9:15am 4/24/12 9:15am

Proud Cubs Groupie Says Blame Her, Not Bartman

A wannabe reality TV cleat chaser says she was out "drinking and hooking up" with members of the Cubs until 4 a.m. the night before the 2003 NLCS game 7. Why yes, she did go to Arizona State, how'd you guess? [RadarOnline] » 1/14/11 10:05am 1/14/11 10:05am

The Wonderful World Of Twitter Prostitutes, Starring Ronny Turiaf And…

Twitter has opened up a whole new world where skirt-chasers and jersey-chasers can pursue each other with a minimum of fuss. At least until the girl puts the athlete on blast. » 1/03/11 1:40pm 1/03/11 1:40pm

Andrei Kirilenko Hasn't Cashed In His Adultery Allowance Yet

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: AK-47 only drinks his own milkshake. » 12/09/10 3:35pm 12/09/10 3:35pm

John Salley Story Corner: Dennis Rodman Will Blow Up Your Spot

Every week, John Salley, onetime Bad Boy and currently the arachnoid half of the Spider and the Henchman podcast, will regale us with an amusing and occasionally salacious story from his playing days. Today: getting your spot blown up by Dennis Rodman » 9/17/10 5:30pm 9/17/10 5:30pm

A Guided Tour Of Darren McFadden's Hotel Room, As Hosted By His Road…

Athletes! Listen up! If you must bring a groupie back to your hotel room, don't leave her in there alone. She will take photos of everything and share them with the world. » 7/23/10 4:15pm 7/23/10 4:15pm

The Tao Of Road Beef: Anonymous NFLer Teaches Us The Lessons Of Keeping…

"I'm not saying you take them to a steak dinner on a Saturday night, but little gifts here and there show appreciation. Think watches and dresses, maybe some cash." What, no Subway sandwich? [Daily News] » 6/13/10 4:30pm 6/13/10 4:30pm

Chiefs' WR Dwayne Bowe On The Mechanics Of Road Beef

Everyone knows that athletes tend to lead swinging lifestyles when they're on the road, but no one is really supposed to talk about it in public. Well, Kansas City wideout Dwayne Bowe just talked about it. A lot. » 5/19/10 8:00pm 5/19/10 8:00pm

Reggie Bush's Self-Proclaimed Jump-Off Would Like To Show You Some Proof

The woman who claims she came between Reggie and Kim Kardashian has released a video of her in a bikini at Bush's home. Also, she's gotten a creepily Kim K-like makeover. Fatal Attraction stuff, after the jump. » 2/07/10 2:15pm 2/07/10 2:15pm

Mark Grace Likes Sex Too Much To Take Steroids

"I am a single now. I was a single guy then... [I] want to be able to perform. It's kind of funny, it's kind of not. That stuff will tear you up as far as your manhood is concerned." [DPShow] » 1/14/10 12:50pm 1/14/10 12:50pm

ESPN Horndog Dossier: The Glossary And Denouement (JED DRAKE UPDATE)

We'll end this scandal-ridden ride on the back of the scorpion with a more general story about the behavior many ESPN employees past and present engage in as part of the "travel" crew. And where's there's road, there is beef. » 10/21/09 7:02pm 10/21/09 7:02pm

Mark Grace And This Tramp-Stamped Bartender Have Apparently Met

Mark Grace is the type of ex-athlete Kevin Costner wishes he could play in movies but just can't because he's Kevin Costner. Hugging Harold Reynolds uncovered a story about Grace that, if true, enhances his reputation as baseball's patron rogue. » 9/17/09 5:00pm 9/17/09 5:00pm

Meet The Yankee Mean Girls

Laura Posada. Karen Burnett. Amber Sabathia. Michelle Damon. Leigh Teixeira. These are the Yankee wives the NY Post declares are the most popular and powerful of the Bronx Bombshells. Road beef beware. » 8/16/09 12:56pm 8/16/09 12:56pm

Road Beef Spreads Love, Disease In England

Hi there, UK readers. I see you there, making up 0.54% of our visitors. Since you're the only ones awake and reading this right now, hopefully you'll heed this warning: I wouldn't sleep with any Premiership players for a while. » 7/15/09 2:30am 7/15/09 2:30am

Report: Unnamed Amorous Ballplayer Plays For Team That Appropriately…

Onetime declared virgin Jeff Pearlman knows which baseball player was cold mackin' on an intern in Houston recently, but he's not telling. All he'll say is that the ballplayer was — are you ready for this? — a Washington National. » 7/13/09 6:00pm 7/13/09 6:00pm

Oddly Enough, Married Athletes Are Still Foolin' Around

And here I thought Steve McNair's death would eradicate unfaithfulness among sports figures, the same way Charles Barkley's DUI was the last one of those to ever happen. » 7/12/09 4:15pm 7/12/09 4:15pm

Baseball Wives Teaches Your Wife About "Road Beef"

The E! True Hollywood Story is documentary TV for people who don't really want to know about what actually goes on in the world. So why is it educating our nation's moms about the concept of "road beef"? » 7/09/09 10:00am 7/09/09 10:00am

Carlos Marmol Leaves Team To Be With Wife (Not Pictured: His Wife)

Cub reliever Carlos Marmol is taking a leave of absence from his day job to fly to New York, as his wife is scheduled to give birth there this week. So then who was the very non-pregnant "female companion" he was snuggling with two weeks ago? » 5/26/09 3:30pm 5/26/09 3:30pm

Which NBA Wife Packs Her Husband's Condoms When He Goes On Road Trips?

A non-sequitur of a post on bizarro world sports site MomLogic appears to be an anonymous confession from a "realistic" sports widow who knows what side her road beef is buttered on. » 5/19/09 4:15pm 5/19/09 4:15pm