The Beer Idiot Hits The Hard Stuff: Tales From The Nashville Whiskey Festival

The strangest person you can possibly encounter at a whiskey convention is someone who doesn’t like whiskey very much. Anecdotally speaking, it is also unusual to be a woman or black—the attendees of the Nashville Whiskey Festival, which I attended a couple weeks ago, made me worried that I’d wandered into a Ben Folds… »10/02/15 5:03pm10/02/15 5:03pm

What It Was Like Driving My Dream Car, A Hyperblurple McLaren P1, Home

C.J Wilson is this car enthusiast we know who always seems to have a smile on his face, a camera around his neck, and a gear spinning in his heart. We've been told he also "pitches" for something called the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Here's the story of him picking up his amazing McLaren. - Ed. »10/21/14 2:39pm10/21/14 2:39pm

The Not-So-Little Traveler. A Man Takes One Last Trip With His Son Before College

Early in the morning, high on a panoramic bluff in Malibu, I’m doing what I almost always do at this time of the day, alternately typing and thinking and looking out the nearest window. The marine layer is still in evidence; the gradually lightening gray-blue clouds meet the gradually lightening blue-gray ocean… »9/17/13 7:19pm9/17/13 7:19pm