The Browns Have Essentially No Coaching Staff Right Now

It was stupid when Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski was booted after only one season, but Cleveland's situation is getting dumber. The front office still hasn't found a replacement while other rebuilding teams, like the Texans, Skins, and Vikings, have hired new coaches. And now, while the Browns have Coach Vacant… » 1/20/14 8:34pm 1/20/14 8:34pm

The Lesson Of ​Black Monday: Your NFL Team Doesn't Know What It's Doing

Yesterday was Black Monday in the NFL. My team's coach got fired. Your team's coach got fired. EVERYONE'S coach got fired. If six Fortune 500 CEOs were all shitcanned on the same day, the markets would crash; there'd be barricades in the streets by noon. But it's a telling sign of football culture that mass purges… » 12/31/13 10:47am 12/31/13 10:47am

Here's Your Black Monday NFL Firings Roundup

Black Monday is off to a roaring start this year. We're here for blood, and there's plenty of it. Here's your running tally of all the coaches who have been axed today. » 12/30/13 12:36pm 12/30/13 12:36pm

Whether Or Not Rob Chudzinski's Been Fired, Browns Players Are Mad

The Browns went from 5-11 last season to 4-12 this season under first-year coach Rob Chudzinski. According to Chris Mortensen, Chud will be fired. (Although he hasn't actually been fired yet.) Browns players are reportedly mad at the prospect of Chud leaving. » 12/29/13 7:07pm 12/29/13 7:07pm

Derek Anderson Wants To Kiss And Make Up With Cleveland

Let's go back to the halcyon days of 2007, when an unheralded sixth-round pick named Derek Anderson outplayed Charlie Frye and Brady Quinn to become the Browns starter. Anderson would make the Pro Bowl and win 10 games as he led Cleveland to its best season since Bill Belichick was head coach. Anderson happily shared… » 1/14/13 3:20pm 1/14/13 3:20pm

New Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski May Have The Clevelandest Surname…

As strange as it was to see the Browns fire Pat Shurmur after a 5-11 season—after all, isn't that merely upholding The Browns Way?—it seemed even more peculiar for them to hire in his place a 44-year-old without a lick of NFL head-coaching experience. » 1/12/13 1:15pm 1/12/13 1:15pm