Rob Ford: Rehab Is "Amazing," Like "Washington Redskins Camp"

Following reports last week that he starred in a second crack cocaine video, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is, according to Rob Ford, now in rehab. And he's having a blast. "Rehab is amazing," he told the Toronto Sun. "It reminds me of football camp. Kind of like the Washington Redskins camp I went to as a kid." »5/07/14 9:58am5/07/14 9:58am

Documents: Rob Ford Did "Hezza," Tried to Buy Crack Video With a Car

It turns out that Gawker wasn't the only entity desperately trying to buy video footage of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack. According to newly released passages of a sworn police affidavit filed in Toronto court, Mayor Ford may have attempted to purchase the video himself well before Gawker even knew about its… »12/04/13 9:53pm12/04/13 9:53pm

Here's What Crack Actually Does To Your Brain

You know Toronto Mayor Rob Ford smoked crack. But scientifically, do you know what crack does to the brain, and how its side effects manifest? Here's AsapSCIENCE with a quick and dirty rundown on how crack works and its side effects, including the gross, gross, gross delusional parasitosis, which I thought was… »11/20/13 12:28pm11/20/13 12:28pm

"Oh My God, He's Attacked Somebody!" Rob Ford Goes On Rampage

Toronto's City Council is meeting today to attempt a continued removal of mayor Rob Ford's powers, and it seems the plump crack pipe smoker isn't having any of it. We're not sure what led him to confront councillor Pam McConnell this way, but can you really say you never expected a CBC News anchor to say "Oh my God,… »11/18/13 3:16pm11/18/13 3:16pm