Washington Has A Fake Quarterback Controversy On Its Hands

I'm mindful of playing into the silly-season stupidity here and making a big deal of this, because it's surely empty bluster: Robert Griffin III is not about to lose his starting job to Kirk Cousins. But the growing criticism of Griffin's quarterback play is most certainly a real thing, and some of it's even coming… » 8/26/14 11:05am 8/26/14 11:05am

Robert Griffin III Has Had It With Fans Complaining About Dumb Things

The Skins QB has stayed largely silent since the end of the season—he's been around long enough to know that after a 3-13 season, you can't win no matter what you say. But on Friday he made a lengthy post on Facebook. On the face of it, it's a response to one stupid person complaining about the arm sleeve he wears.… » 1/13/14 4:05pm 1/13/14 4:05pm

RGIII Is A Pawn In The Dan Snyder-Mike Shanahan Standoff

Mike Shanahan is daring Washington to fire him. Dan Snyder has no problems seeing Shanahan go, but not at the cost of the $7 million remaining on his contract for 2014. Caught in the middle of this ugly divorce is poor, innocent, Robert Griffin III. It's always the children who suffer. At least he'll get two… » 12/10/13 5:56pm 12/10/13 5:56pm