Robert Mathis Picks A PED Fight With The NFL He's Not Going To Win

Robert Mathis's agent is not about to let his client's four-game suspension pass without a fight—and the NFL appears willing to engage him. The agent, Hadley Englehard, and the NFL have waged an unusually public war of words for Mathis's violation of the league's drug policy for what he claims was a prescribed… » 5/19/14 10:28am 5/19/14 10:28am

Robert Mathis Cites Male Fertility Drug For Failed Drug Test

Today the NFL announced that Colts linebacker Robert Mathis will serve a four-game suspension for violating the league's drug policy. Mathis quickly released a statement, with an explanation we haven't heard before: He was taking a fertility drug to help his wife get pregnant...and it worked. » 5/16/14 5:08pm 5/16/14 5:08pm