Will We Ever Hear From These Twilight People Again?

Friday brings with it the end of the half-decade scourge of the Twilight films. There have been five of them, and I have to confess to you, I haven't seen a single one of them. I know they are about vampires, I know the books they're based off are terrible, and I know that they make a shit-ton of money from teenagers.… »11/15/12 6:12pm11/15/12 6:12pm


Interview With The Vampire. Cosmopolis (Starring Robert Pattinson), Reviewed.

Rage is rarely cold. Whether it's the Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street or Network, discontent with the state of the world usually comes to us piping hot, often satisfyingly so. That's why it's so disconcerting when a movie goes the opposite route, serving up its message with a calm, dispassionate air. Cosmopolis »8/14/12 5:46pm8/14/12 5:46pm