BREAKING: Hall Of Famer, Admitted T-Shirt Thief Roberto Alomar Will…

Perhaps you read our story earlier today, of Blue Jays fans Fiyaz Kanji and Owais Farooqui, who made the pilgrimage to Cooperstown this weekend to see Roberto Alomar enter the Hall. But during the parade, Alomar took the $50 t-shirt that belonged to Kanji. » 7/26/11 11:40pm 7/26/11 11:40pm

Roberto Alomar Is Clean (From A Legal Point Of View)

The woman who accused Roberto Alomar of secretly almost giving her the AIDS stuff has withdrawn her $15 million lawsuit, helping Alomar "score a legal victory"—or more accurately "taking his money to go away." » 5/06/09 10:30am 5/06/09 10:30am