Lance Barrett Tosses A.J. Pierzynski And Robin Ventura, Shameless Homer…

"Lance Barrett's just stunk the joint up, is all he's done, that's all he's done...he's terrible." Hawk, you might recall, got into a bit of a pickle when he referred to umpire Mark Wegner as "brutal" and "totally absurd" while questioning his baseball knowledge. He got a stern talking to from Bud Selig and everyone… » 8/26/12 10:00am 8/26/12 10:00am

Nolan Ryan And Robin Ventura Exchanged Pleasantries Yesterday

For the first time since participating in the glorified noogie seen 'round the world, Nolan Ryan and newly-minted White Sox manager Robin Ventura met up with each other prior to the Rangers home opener against Chicago. Ryan, the face of the Rangers franchise, and Ventura have somehow never crossed paths in the almost… » 4/07/12 4:15pm 4/07/12 4:15pm

Since Robin Ventura's Back In Baseball, The Rangers Will Stop Showing…

Last year, Texas showed the famous 1993 brawl between the Rangers and White Sox before every single game. Maybe you think it's weird for a team to air highlights of their president and CEO, but then again your team's president and CEO has probably never pummeled a man. (Unless you're a Marlins fan, in which case… » 3/09/12 9:45am 3/09/12 9:45am

The White Sox Could Have Had A Player-Manager. Damn, So Close.

Robin Ventura was formally introduced as the new White Sox manager today, a move that few people saw coming. But in a move that even fewer people saw not-coming, which they shouldn't have because it didn't happen, the ChiSox braintrust "considered" naming Paul Konerko a player-manager, the first in baseball in 26… » 10/11/11 3:30pm 10/11/11 3:30pm