MLB All-Stars No-Hit In Japan, Robinson Canó Fractures Toe

Major League Baseball is back to sending a team to Japan to play in a biennial exhibition series—after an eight year layoff because of the World Baseball Classic—and things aren't going too swell for the MLB All-Stars. They lost their first two games of the best-of-five series 2-0 and 8-4, and early this morning… »11/15/14 12:29pm11/15/14 12:29pm

Yankees Fans Boo Picture Of Robinson Cano, Until The Real Cano Shows Up

This is another great gag from Jimmy Fallon, along the same lines as the Matt Harvey prank Fallon pulled on Mets fans. The setup here is pretty simple. A producer gets Yankees fans on the street to boo a large picture of Robinson Cano and after they boo and turn back to the camera, the producer tells them to give it… »4/29/14 12:30am4/29/14 12:30am

The Amazing MLB Payroll Graphic Gets An Update

Now that the winter meetings are over, Phil Roth has updated his excellent interactive payroll tool, which lets you explore the salary commitments of every MLB team from 1998 through 2024. That purple block you see above is $240 million worth of Robinson Cano, yours for just 10 flat payments of $24 million. »12/26/13 10:51am12/26/13 10:51am

Robinson Cano Gets $240 Million From Mariners, Surprises Everyone

Well, that wasn't supposed to happen. After just about every baseball writer working had written off the Seattle Mariners' chances of landing Robinson Cano, news broke this morning that the Mariners had scooped up the prize of the 2013 free agent class with a 10-year, $240 million deal. Based on my calculations, that… »12/06/13 12:08pm12/06/13 12:08pm

Jay-Z Will Sell His Nets Stake To Become An NBA Agent

Jay-Z's expansion into the sports agency biz—announced with the signing of Robinson Cano last week—isn't going to stop at baseball. The whole point of putting Jay-Z's name on the enterprise is to use him as a lure for starstruck players, and nowhere is his brand stronger than in basketball. But if he's going to… »4/10/13 9:14am4/10/13 9:14am