Science! Explains Why You Suck At Rock-Paper-Scissors

Don't ever say science never did anything for you: Chinese researchers have published a paper tracking player behavior over tens of thousands of games of Rock-Paper-Scissors, information that provides an optimal strategy for winning the game. Unsurprisingly, players don't choose their throws randomly. Instead, they… »5/05/14 2:43pm5/05/14 2:43pm


This Robot Wins At Rock-Paper-Scissors Every Single Time

In the coming robot war, the only advantage we humans will have against the machines is our irrationality. They won't expect us to smuggle the nuke into their underground server farm at the cost of our own lives. They won't expect us to throw paper again after throwing it three times in a row. That advantage has… »11/04/13 5:22pm11/04/13 5:22pm

When The Machines Finally Take Over, It Will Be Because Of The Assholes Who Designed A Robot That Cheats At Rock-Paper-Scissors

Thanks to the incredibly short-sighted scientists at Japan's Ishikawa Oku Laboratory we now have this robot that will never, ever lose at rock-paper-scissors. And it's not even a cool robot that processes a million variables per second and beats you straight up. No, it's just got a super fast camera and a little help… »7/01/12 5:05pm7/01/12 5:05pm