The Only Reason We Know Roger Goodell's Absurd Salary Is That The NFL Is Structured As A Non-Profit To Avoid Taxes

Yesterday, we mentioned that Roger Goodell's salary jump from two years ago had been released to the public via the NFL's public tax return, filed at the end of this week. His salary increased from roughly $11.6 million in 2010 to a take-home of $29.49 million in 2011, much of it in bonuses for unknown benchmarks. (… »2/16/13 10:15am2/16/13 10:15am

Roddy White Said Some Stupid Things About Penn State On Twitter Today

After the Freeh report's release this morning, few have come to the defense of Joe Paterno and the Penn State administration. But fear not, citizens of Happy Valley: Falcons wide receiver Roddy White is here to defend your coach's honor. White took to Twitter this morning to tell Mark May to shut up about Penn State,… »7/12/12 2:20pm7/12/12 2:20pm