Andy Pettitte Makes First Start Since Retiring Before The Original Roger Clemens Perjury Trial

Earlier in the week, Jon Heyman wrote something silly about Andy Pettitte not being trustworthy anymore because he said something potentially helpful for Roger Clemens, while being cross-examined by Roger Clemens's lawyer. Never mind that that is kind of the point of cross examination, but why not write a different… »5/13/12 10:12am5/13/12 10:12am

Jurors In Original Clemens Case Thought Retrial Would Be A Waste Of Taxpayer Money

So says U.S. District Court Judge Reggie Walton in court transcripts recently made public. While at a company picnic last September, Walton made an off-the-cuff remark to a former colleague's spouse—also an attorney. The spouse said something to the effect of "Looks like you have to retry the Roger Clemens case" and… »4/14/12 6:45pm4/14/12 6:45pm