Roger Clemens Found Not Guilty

The Roger Clemens perjury trial—a trial that was alternately confusing, nostalgic, and soporific, but at all times a giant waste of taxpayer money and government manpower—puttered to a sad and inevitable end today with Clemens being found not guilty on all counts. » 6/18/12 4:47pm 6/18/12 4:47pm

Andy Pettitte Does A Frankie Five Angels At The Roger Clemens Trial…

Andy Pettitte was supposed to be the prosecution's star witness at the perjury trial of Roger Clemens. According to the Los Angeles Times, Pettitte was the only person expected to say under oath that Clemens had used human growth hormone other than Clemens's former trainer, Brian McNamee. But when Pettitte showed up… » 5/02/12 5:15pm 5/02/12 5:15pm