MLB Makes It A Little More Comfortable To Be Gay

The biggest talking point in MLB's new collective bargaining agreement is draft slotting, which paradoxically penalizes certain small-market teams by limiting signing bonuses. Opinions are split, but everyone can agree that if this is the biggest controversy, baseball's in a million times better shape than the NBA. » 11/23/11 1:05pm 11/23/11 1:05pm

Guy Who Is Not Even Suing Anyone Says Roger McDowell Made His Kid Cry

Roger McDowell is kind of a dick. You may have suspected this had you seen Gloria Allred's mildly erotic press conference last week. And you may have guessed it, too, when MLB suspended him yesterday for two weeks, without pay. But a few of you probably held reservations (because of Allred, because of McDowell's past… » 5/02/11 1:05pm 5/02/11 1:05pm

Here's A Cartoon Rendering Of Roger McDowell's Recent Conversation With San Francisco Giants Fans

Noted prankster and Atlanta Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell has been placed on something called "administrative leave" while the team looks into the anti-gay slurs and gestures he publicly offered the other day. This video from ckettering should help the probe. » 4/30/11 11:00am 4/30/11 11:00am