How The Cowboys Have Made The Most Out Of Ex-Bust Rolando McClain

Remember Rolando McClain? The star Alabama linebacker the Raiders took with their first pick in 2010, hailed as a surprisingly wise move by then-owner Al Davis? The guy who was, naturally, a huge bust because the Raiders can't have nice things? Well, he popped up on the Cowboys this season playing a competent middle… »10/16/14 4:49pm10/16/14 4:49pm

Rolando McClain Got Arrested Because He Shouted "Fuck The Police!"

We told you earlier about Ravens linebacker Rolando McClain's latest arrest in his hometown of Decatur, Ala., this time for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. We knew McClain had been in a park among a large group of people that refused to disperse, and that he had cursed at officers. But what exactly did he… »4/22/13 4:53pm4/22/13 4:53pm

Rolando McClain Got Thrown In Jail Because He Allegedly Told A Police Officer His Name Was "Fuck Y'all"

Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain can stop just one thing: the run. He can't stop the pass, and he can't stop himself from grinning hilariously on a perp walk, leading a mutiny against his head coach, or falling in the shit with Alabama cops. We saw a story yesterday that McClain had been taken to jail for a… »1/09/13 1:20pm1/09/13 1:20pm

Rolando McClain Somehow Managed To Get Himself Kicked Off The Woeful Oakland Raiders [UPDATE]

Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain is the type of player who probably gets called "troubled" a lot. (Yes, he is.) That perception stems from the incident that also produced the glorious perp walk you see above. McClain was accused, and later convicted, of putting a gun to a man's head, pointing in another direction,… »11/29/12 5:15pm11/29/12 5:15pm

Photoshop Contest: Raiders LB Rolando McClain's Fantastic Perp Walk Grin

When we first saw the above photo of Rolando McClain after he was arrested yesterday in his hometown of Decatur, Ala., on misdemeanor gun and assault charges, we kind of thought it had already been doctored. I mean, just look at that facial expression, at that playful tilt of the head. But the photo, as is, was… »12/02/11 12:50pm12/02/11 12:50pm

Rolando McClain Is Accused Of Putting A Gun To A Man's Head, Pointing It In Another Direction, And Firing

The Decatur (Ala.) Police Department has released another statement outlining the circumstances that led to Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain's arrest on charges of firing a gun and assaulting a man last night. McClain has been released on bail, according to a police spokesman I just spoke to on the phone. The… »12/01/11 5:35pm12/01/11 5:35pm

Raiders LB Rolando McClain Was At The Scene Of A Shooting In Alabama Last Night

One person was injured, but no one has been charged, according to a statement issued by the Decatur (Ala.) Police Department. The victim refused treatment at the scene, drove himself to the hospital, and was released. Lt. John Crouch, a police spokesman, just told me over the phone he is preparing another statement… »12/01/11 4:10pm12/01/11 4:10pm