Weekend Read: D Magazine on Young Tony Romo

Tony Romo, who is 32 and in his prime as an NFL quarterback, comes from an altogether different era. That's all I can draw from the current issue of D Magazine, in which Peter Simek drills down into a single high-school game to explain Romo's ascent from small-town jock-of-all-trades to a guy with the second-highest… » 9/08/12 8:15pm 9/08/12 8:15pm

At Long Last: T.O. and Jessica Simpson are buddies

In a hard-hitting interview with US Magazine, T.O. explains that he was joking about Jessica being bad luck for Tony Romo and the Cowboys. T.O. wishes good luck to the couple and per US Weekly, "I told her she is welcome to the stadium anytime. I told her she can come down and sit in my section, I’m sure she will be… » 7/17/08 12:15pm 7/17/08 12:15pm