Old Man Metta World Peace Says Modern NBA Is Full Of Babies

Metta World Peace is back in the NBA after a few seasons in China and has found an NBA more focused on the three-pointer and passing than the one he left. So, naturally, he has assumed the least surprising position available to him, that the NBA is, “No longer a man’s game. It’s a baby’s game. There’s softies… »10/11/15 1:35pm10/11/15 1:35pm


Metta World Peace Was Zonked Out On Painkillers After His Knee Surgery, And His Tweets Were Slightly Stranger Than They Usually Are [UPDATE: This Might Be Some Sort Of PR Stunt]

Update: This—part or all of it—is some sort of PR stunt, because in in this gilded age, even the most banal things are guerrilla marketing. A Deadspin staffer got this email yesterday, excerpted in part: »3/30/13 10:20am3/30/13 10:20am

The 15 Most Surreal Moments From 2012's Sports-Related Next Media Animation Videos

Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese animation company that produces short cartoons recapping the news of the day, has its best muse in sports, where the lines between good and evil lend themselves to pictures of angry video game characters, and events are just cartoonish enough to spark the overactive NMA… »12/29/12 10:45am12/29/12 10:45am

Science! Proves Ron Artest's Halftime Drinking Hurt His Free-Throw Shooting

Our old friends at the Harvard Sports Analytics Collective took a long-overdue look at whether Ron Artest's early-career practice of drinking Hennessy cognac at halftime hurt his play. "Sure enough during the 2001 and 2002 seasons his free-throw percentage during the third quarter was 67.21% compared to 72.33% that he… »3/02/12 1:35pm3/02/12 1:35pm

"Life Is Like A Jump Shot": Reviewing The Unremarkable History Of NBA Rappers

NBA players like rapping, and that is a fact of the universe that we are powerless to stop. The way that I have tended to deal this phenomenon is generally to ignore it completely. It is shockingly easy to do: Just as I do with Kreayshawn, I pretend that NBA rappers do not exist, that they have never existed, and that… »9/23/11 5:00pm9/23/11 5:00pm

Metta World Peace's "Stiff Cha-Cha" Doesn't Get Past The First Round Of DWTS

Not content to spend the lockout doing "hasty and shapeless" stand-up comedy, The Dong Texter Formerly Known As Ron Artest has gone one-and-done on "Dancing With The Stars." If you wish, feel free to view his effort here. The Los Angeles Times said his was a "stiff cha-cha" that was simultaneously "buckets o'… »9/21/11 1:20pm9/21/11 1:20pm