Get To Know The Five People That Will Are Mostly Declining To Comment…

The Sacramento Kings are, it would seem, blessedly close to being rid of the Maloofs, two of the worst owners in sports. That comes with a hitch, though—it might mean that the Kings are finished with Sacramento. Here's a rundown of the people in the running to purchase the Kings, and what it would mean for the… » 1/12/13 12:50pm 1/12/13 12:50pm

We Will All Work For Mario Lemieux One Day

Steel City patron saint Mario Lemieux and shady creepster Ron Burkle, co-owners of the Pittsburgh Penguins, approached the Pittsburgh Pirates with an "unsolicited offer" to buy the MLB team, according to the Post-Gazette. Yinzers, cross your fingers. » 1/30/10 11:45am 1/30/10 11:45am