Ron Morris Again Allowed To Cover Steve Spurrier And South Carolina

A day after Jim Romenesko reported that Steve Spurrier had bullied The State into banning Ron Morris, a columnist often critical of Spurrier and the Gamecocks program, from writing about South Carolina football, the newspaper has backed off its stance. » 9/12/13 7:33pm 9/12/13 7:33pm

Steve Spurrier Wants A Columnist Fired And Will Probably Get His Way

Ron Morris, a columnist for The State newspaper in South Carolina, has publicly disagreed with Steve Spurrier before and been publicly rebuked before. Saturday Down South has a good recap of the situation; it's worth watching the video at that link if you want to see Steve Spurrier be both incredibly folksy and a… » 9/29/12 4:20pm 9/29/12 4:20pm