The Carolina Panthers Lost By Calling The Exact Same Defensive Coverage Over And Over

Last week, the Giants were able to beat the Redskins by recognizing the coverage. Eli Manning knew he could hit Victor Cruz over the top because Washington, at the end of the game, was running the same schemes it had shown in the two-minute drill at the end of the first half. But even that was cutting-edge defense… »10/29/12 11:35am10/29/12 11:35am

Ron Rivera Says The Panthers' Trick Play Yesterday Was Inspired By The Movie Little Giants

Carolina head coach Ron Rivera told reporters this afternoon that the Panthers' trick play against Houston yesterday was inspired by "The Annexation of Puerto Rico," the Fumblerooski play used at the end of the 1994 classic film Little Giants. Here's the play in question, which in the movie is called by "Nubie," a… »12/19/11 1:30pm12/19/11 1:30pm