Alabama Barely Beats Georgia For SEC Title, Right To Demolish Irish In National Title Game

Your national title game will be SEC semifinal champion Alabama against Notre Dame, which in a just alternate universe just got piss-pounded by Ohio State in the Big Ten title game and ceded its title game slot to Florida. In this universe, though, Notre Dame spent the afternoon licking its chops as Alabama and… »12/01/12 8:39pm12/01/12 8:39pm


Let's Watch Ronnie Brown Try To Throw A Pass When He's Stopped On A Goal-Line Rush

The Philadelphia Eagles had a third-and-goal from the 1/3-yard line against San Francisco in the first half of their game today. Ronnie Brown tried to rush up the middle to extend the Eagles's seven-point lead. Ronnie Brown got stopped cold. So Ronnie Brown tried to throw a pass to no one in particular. The 49ers… »10/02/11 2:30pm10/02/11 2:30pm

Chad Pennington Is Playing Well; Yes, You Read That Correctly

• Miami at New England: »9/21/08 3:00pm9/21/08 3:00pm Prior to the game, Dolphins Tony Sparano coach hinted that his defenders would look to with Randy Moss today, and judging from his play so far (3 catches for 18 yards in the first half), I'd say that plan is working to perfection. Miami led 21-6 at the half. (Oh, and in case you're wondering…