The Time Tampa Bay's Rookies Put On Wigs, Dressed In Bikinis, And Danced In Front Of The Green Monster

Oh, to be a Major League Baseball rookie. Tampa Bay Rays ace David Price recorded this video yesterday, and while some teams will make their newbies carry children's luggage or dress funny to and from the stadium, that won't fly for Tampa Bay. You've got to get in bikinis and dance around in front of the Green… »9/27/12 9:45am9/27/12 9:45am

The Raiders' Rookie Hazing Includes A Dong-Shaped Haircut From Carson Palmer

Our friends at Busted Coverage actually bothered to watch last night's Cowboys-Raiders preseason game, but by doing so they were able to make an intrepid discovery: several Raiders players sporting some spectacularly awful haircuts, which the crew at BC instantly pegged as some standard Raiders rookie hazing. »8/14/12 5:15pm8/14/12 5:15pm

Steelers' First-Round Pick Mistakes Ben Roethlisberger For Travel Coordinator

That's according to Roethlisberger, who said as much during what the Altoona Mirror called his "first-ever speaking engagement" Saturday night. Roethlisberger said when he called David DeCastro shortly after Pittsburgh took the Stanford guard with the 24th overall selection, DeCastro began asking him about his "flight… »4/30/12 1:30pm4/30/12 1:30pm