Your NBA Playoffs Open Thread

The ESPN homepage suggests this evening that we might have to "rewrite the script" for the 2011 playoffs, what with the Magic just one game from elimination, the Hornets even with the Lakers, and the Bulls barely escaping multiple games with the Pacers to lead the series, 3-1. » 4/26/11 7:15pm 4/26/11 7:15pm

Jon Barry Can't Stop Giggling At Derrick Rose

Dan Shulman and Jon Barry tried their damndest to properly announce the Bulls-Pacers game on Saturday, but Derrick Rose made it a difficult task. We can't really blame them. Rose had 39 points in Chicago's 104-99 win, and his baskets were, throughout, brilliant. Brilliant enough to make Barry giggle in delight… » 4/18/11 11:30am 4/18/11 11:30am

Derrick Rose Floats One Off The Glass, And The Bulls Take The East

Last night, the Chicago Bulls defeated the Celtics by 16 points, 97-81. In doing so, they effectively clinched the top seed in the Eastern Conference for the first time since the 1997-98 season — Chicago would have to lose the remainder of its games and the HeatCeltics would have to win the rest of its schedule for… » 4/08/11 2:15pm 4/08/11 2:15pm

Alley-Oop To Derrick Rose Is Special

The Bulls keep winning — they beat Sacramento by 40 points last night in Chicago — and have earned the franchise's first 50-win season since the 1998 title year. They've been so good not only because their point guard is Derrick Rose, a candidate for the league MVP, but also because their team chemistry is such that… » 3/22/11 10:30am 3/22/11 10:30am

Derrick Rose Dunks, Reminds Us That NBA Does Not Suspend Play For March…

Derrick Rose is so very fun to watch. Here's a give-and-go from Chicago's 84-73 win over New Jersey last night in Newark. It's a great play to watch because it's perfectly fundamental — he plants right, cuts left, and lets out a playground "woop!" for the pass from Kurt Thomas. Rose had 21 points as the Bulls won … » 3/18/11 10:25am 3/18/11 10:25am

Derrick Rose Will Miss A Three-Pointer Just So He Can Dunk On Your Head

The Bulls blew a 19-point lead and committed 17 turnovers in an 83-80 loss in Atlanta last night. Derrick Rose didn't shoot particularly well — he was 5-for-21 from the field and had 12 points and 12 assists — but he did make up for it when he missed. » 3/03/11 10:25am 3/03/11 10:25am

Here's Derrick Rose Going Between The Legs To Joakim Noah

This is one of Rose's nine assists in Chicago's 105-77 drubbing of the Wizards last night. It's also, you'll notice, a one-year Calipari point guard schooling a younger one-year Calipari point guard, John Wall, in the NBA fast break. Rose finished with 21 and 9; Wall had 9 and 10. » 3/01/11 10:55am 3/01/11 10:55am