A Not-Entirely-Constructive Exchange With Yahoo's NCAA Scandal Hunter, Charles Robinson

A few months ago, I had an angry but illuminating exchange on Facebook with Charles Robinson, author of Tuesday's big Yahoo hoo-hah about the Miami Hurricanes. The topic then was Jim Tressel, but it might as well have been Miami or Reggie Bush or any of the many subjects of big Yahoo hoo-hahs over the years. I'd… »8/19/11 12:13pm8/19/11 12:13pm


NCAA Takes A Good Long Look At Its Rules, Decides To Maybe Allow Student-Athletes To Put Spread On Their Bagels

The NCAA has released their proposed legislation for 2011-2012, a list of bylaw additions and alterations proposed by member conferences. Some are important; others are less so, and they'll all be voted on at the Board of Directors meeting next year, and could go into effect next summer. »8/17/11 5:45pm8/17/11 5:45pm