Brian McCann Hit A Grand Slam Off Roy Halladay, Got Bopped In The Face By A Teammate As Reward

Last night's 15-13 extra innings Braves win over the Phillies game was weird. For one, it's the second-most runs ever allowed in a game started by Roy Halladay. (The record is 17, per commenter below.) Halladay also gave up a grand slam to Atlanta's Brian McCann, the first such homer since Evan Longoria launched one… » 5/03/12 12:20pm 5/03/12 12:20pm

Roy Halladay Accuses Ken Rosenthal Of Throwing Some Shit Against The Wall

It's one thing when an intern indulges a little skepticism about Ken Rosenthal's rumor-mongering. Now, though, it's Phillies ace Roy Halladay. Yesterday, after Halladay was roughed up in his latest spring outing, Rosenthal cited the observations of two scouts who "expressed concern" about Halladay: » 3/15/12 3:25pm 3/15/12 3:25pm