José Mourinho Doesn't Intend To Stop Being An Asshole Any Time Soon

José Mourinho is feeling himself right now. He has the best team in England, maybe the best in the world, and they're firing on all cylinders. So his typically dismissive response to a recent controversy involving other coaches' not taking too well to his celebratory handshake routine isn't surprising in the least. »10/18/14 10:00am10/18/14 10:00am


Mick McCarthy's Secret To Successfully Managing A Soccer Team: Handshakes

Wolverhampton manager Mick McCarthy has finally revealed the secret to his immense success. Every morning, McCarthy greets his players by firmly pressing his palm meat against their palm meat, curling his fingers around their fingers and ecstatically pumping his hand inside theirs. Over and over. Until the whole team… »7/13/11 2:35pm7/13/11 2:35pm