Never Let A Cop In Your House: The Will Graves Story

This story is so stupid, I feel bad making you read it, but it's a teachable moment. Former North Carolina guard, Will Graves, was cited last week for misdemeanor charges when cops searched his home and found eight marijuana seeds, three (!) blunts and two burnt blunts, all helpfully scare-quoted in most write ups… » 12/14/13 9:30am 12/14/13 9:30am

Florida State Upset North Carolina, But What We Really Learned Is That…

When the clock hit zero at the end of Florida State's shocking 90-57 upset of #3 North Carolina, none of the Tar Heels' star players were on the floor. In fact, they were already in the locker room, as they'd been pulled out of the arena along with the rest of UNC's scholarship players—leaving five walkons to face… » 1/14/12 5:24pm 1/14/12 5:24pm

Kansas Fans Have Every Right To Hate Roy Williams

The general consensus concerning Roy Williams' "return" against Kansas at the Final Four this week is that it just broke his heart to leave Lawrence, and that any Jayhawks fan who is still angry with him is just being bitter. But on, a Kansas fan message board, a poster named "pgalichia" sums up Jayhawks'… » 4/03/08 6:40pm 4/03/08 6:40pm