Rudy Carpenter Still Having Trouble Behaving At Basketball Games

Folks may remember Arizona State quarterback Rudy Carpenter and his preference for not-gay pink shirts. Well, it seems that going psycho at college basketball games isn't enough juice for Rudy, so he took his act on the road—and recently got himself ejected from the gym at a girl's high school basketball game. »12/05/08 11:15am12/05/08 11:15am


Arizona State Quarterback Allegedly Doesn't Like Being Mocked For His Pink Shirt

Apparently, at an Arizona State basketball game the other night, everyone was supposed to wear gold, or something. Sun Devils quarterback Rudy Carpenter, for whatever reasons, decided to wear a pink shirt. Interesting choice, but hey: To each his own. But, according to several witnesses popping up all over the place… »2/04/08 4:10pm2/04/08 4:10pm