Inconsequential Rapper Confronts Inconsequential Basketball Team's Play-By-Play Announcer

On a scale of one to Lil-Wayne-claiming-to-have-humped-Chris-Bosh's-wife, this particular hip-hop/NBA beef rates at about a two. The Toronto Raptors played the Washington Wizards last night, and D.C. rapper Wale was sitting courtside. After watching Raptors forward Rudy Gay hit a three-pointer and aggressively make a… »2/20/13 9:55am2/20/13 9:55am

Adrian Wojnarowski's Latest Column Features A Sick Burn On John Hollinger

Adrian Wojnarowski's latest Yahoo column is a thorough think piece about what the Memphis Grizzlies' decision to trade Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors means for the future of NBA free agency. It's a perfectly fine read, but what caught our attention was this paragraph, tucked away near the end of the column: »1/31/13 5:05pm1/31/13 5:05pm

LeBron Dunks, Mean Mugs, Refuses Lady's High-Five

LeBron played in Rudy Gay's charity all-star game just outside of Memphis last night. He scored 43 points and, as he tends to do, made no new friends at the DeSoto Civic Center in Southaven, Miss. There might be a lockout underway, but worry not, heathens: Together, we will still find ways to mock LeBron James on… »11/09/11 10:55am11/09/11 10:55am