Julian Savea Scores Impressively Violent Try Through Three Frenchmen

The Rugby World Cup is currently heading towards its conclusion in England. Three of the four semifinalists have been set, and we have South Africa, Argentina, and New Zealand to look forward to in the next round. This is the furthest the Argentines have advanced in their country’s Rugby World Cup history, but it’s… »10/18/15 10:45am10/18/15 10:45am

Mayor Of London Is Back To His Old Tricks, Runs Over Little Boy In Rugby Game

Nobody likes the guy who takes pick-up games way too seriously—the guy who stiff-arms you in the face in flag football or throws elbows while boxing out in basketball. London mayor Boris Johnson is somehow even worse, bringing an altogether unnecessary level of intensity to a game played with children not once but … »10/15/15 3:33pm10/15/15 3:33pm

Japan Stuns South Africa For First Rugby World Cup Win In 24 Years

The Rugby World Cup kicked off this weekend in Britain and one of the big favorites has already been upset. South Africa came into today’s game against Japan ranked #3 in the world to Japan’s #13, but the Cherry Blossoms knocked off the Springboks 34-32 with a dramatic try near the death by Karne Hesketh. »9/19/15 2:14pm9/19/15 2:14pm

Rugby League Star Randomly Grabs Dude's Junk During Match

Newcastle forward Korbin Sims took time out from a 30-10 loss to grab the genitals of Manly’s Willie Mason in an incident that is rocking the Australian rugby league world. Sims is accused of “pinching” Mason’s dong in an attempt to provoke him into fighting and thus earning a penalty. (It didn’t work; even the… »5/10/15 10:54am5/10/15 10:54am

Naked Idiot On The Field Absolutely Flattened By Rugby Player

Of all the sporting events this guy could’ve interrupted by streaking, he chose rugby? The sport that specializes in the body type and love of inflicting pain that the security guys who’d normally hunt down a streaker aspire to emulate? The video is one thing, but the pictures of our newest idiot on the field are even… »4/28/15 12:26pm4/28/15 12:26pm

Entire College Rugby Team Suspended Over Recorded 'Fuck a Whore' Chant

One chilly afternoon in late November 2014, a few dozen students at the University of Mary Washington gathered in a house about a half mile off their Fredericksburg, Virginia, campus for a party at a house rented by rugby players. For a Sunday, the mood was raucous, with students belting bar chants in celebration of… »3/23/15 3:20pm3/23/15 3:20pm

Rugby League Superstar Jarryd Hayne Signs Futures Contract With 49ers

Former Rugby League superstar Jarryd Hayne—who quit in October to pursue his dream of playing in the NFL—just announced at a press conference that he has signed a futures contract with the San Francisco 49ers. This means that Hayne won't count against the 49ers 53-man roster limit for next season. Hayne said that his… »3/02/15 10:39pm3/02/15 10:39pm

Cristiano Ronaldo Likens Ugly Tackle To Rugby; Rugby World Turns Stupid

Cristiano Ronaldo was none too happy about his early exit from last week's Champions League match between Real Madrid and Ludogorets, necessitated by this late challenge in the final minutes. After the game, the winger described the tackle thus: "It was a very ugly tackle and it seemed as if we were playing a game of… »10/06/14 6:18pm10/06/14 6:18pm

Rugby Guy Gets Hit In The Balls, Checks To Make Sure They're Still There

This happened during the Rugby World Cup way back in 2003, but it's surfaced on the internet now because the English rugby team is celebrating the top moments from the 2003 tournament (thanks, English rugby!) This top moment involves Will Greenwood taking a shot to the balls while getting tackled, and then checking to… »9/18/14 3:52pm9/18/14 3:52pm