Julian Savea Scores Impressively Violent Try Through Three Frenchmen

The Rugby World Cup is currently heading towards its conclusion in England. Three of the four semifinalists have been set, and we have South Africa, Argentina, and New Zealand to look forward to in the next round. This is the furthest the Argentines have advanced in their country’s Rugby World Cup history, but it’s… »10/18/15 10:45am10/18/15 10:45am


Rugby Man Trucks, Dazes Fellow Rugby Man

Samoa once again retained its dominant form against the U.S. with a 25-16 win Sunday at the Rugby World Cup, but it wasn’t on account of the Americans coming out slow. Here’s Thretton Palamo absolutely leveling Samoa’s Rey Lee-Lo with a forearm to the face, one that left Lee-Lo dazed. (Perhaps the U.S. was too »9/21/15 11:45am9/21/15 11:45am

Japan Stuns South Africa For First Rugby World Cup Win In 24 Years

The Rugby World Cup kicked off this weekend in Britain and one of the big favorites has already been upset. South Africa came into today’s game against Japan ranked #3 in the world to Japan’s #13, but the Cherry Blossoms knocked off the Springboks 34-32 with a dramatic try near the death by Karne Hesketh. »9/19/15 2:14pm9/19/15 2:14pm

Rugby Guy Gets Hit In The Balls, Checks To Make Sure They're Still There

This happened during the Rugby World Cup way back in 2003, but it's surfaced on the internet now because the English rugby team is celebrating the top moments from the 2003 tournament (thanks, English rugby!) This top moment involves Will Greenwood taking a shot to the balls while getting tackled, and then checking to… »9/18/14 3:52pm9/18/14 3:52pm

One "All Blacks" Fan Stands Out In This Rugby World Cup Crowd Shot

Writes tipster Ryan W., "The Rugby World Cup finals are on currently airing NBC. I took a break from watching terrible NFL games to catch some of the finals between France and New Zealand (aka the 'All Blacks'). During a shot of the New Zealand crowd, I spotted this charming young man on the right side of the screen." »10/23/11 4:30pm10/23/11 4:30pm

Crazed Australian Rugby Fan Advocates For Pedophile Wallabies, Nazi Kiwis, And In-Game Snipers

On Sunday, Australia meets South Africa in the Rugby World Cup quarterfinals. The pundits are nattering aplenty. Perhaps the least conventional viewpoint is the one expressed above: that the Aussie team needs to "harden the fuck up" and get a "bit of mongrel back in the game" by adding snipers to its contests and… »10/06/11 12:50pm10/06/11 12:50pm