Why The 800 Comes Down To Hunters And The Hunted

Sprinters, all bumpy with muscles, pressure packed—my god, you could bounce a dime off of any appendage and get two cents change—take to the track for the 800 meters. They saunter, super chill. The lankier mid-distance runners come out too, on the same track, at the same time, lean and prancing, wind sprinting,… »4/24/15 12:06pm4/24/15 12:06pm


Former Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Has Been Working As A Las Vegas Escort

Suzy Favor Hamilton was a middle distance runner, competing in three Olympics—most notably, the 1500 meters in Sydney, where she collapsed to the ground coming down the stretch. But she's probably best known for this 2000 Nike ad, in which a sports bra-clad Favor Hamilton outran a masked chainsaw-wielding… »12/20/12 12:35pm12/20/12 12:35pm

These Assholes Are Flipping Off Cameras Because They're Mad That The Marathon Was Postponed

This picture via @AshleyKMayo, from the NYC Marathon track, where some runners are apparently jogging the official marathon route despite the postponement of tomorrow's race. Mayo reports that other runners-following the marathon's route today despite the marathon having been postponed for the express reason that,… »11/03/12 10:40am11/03/12 10:40am

Wilderness Unsurprisingly Impedes Insane Wilderness Marathon

Eric Strabel was on pace to shatter the record of the Crow Pass Crossing wilderness marathon in the Chugach Mountain region of Alaska when a bear "surprised him on the trail." Then he got lost. Then a moose blocked the trail.

The Crow Pass marathon is a 24-mile sprint through mountains and forests in Alaska. The… »7/26/10 1:50pm7/26/10 1:50pm