Bond On The Run: A Close Look At Daniel Craig's Form

Spectre is dropping soon at a theatre near you, so it’s time to talk about Bond, James Bond. Since I don’t know good sprint form from a Moonraker, I brought in special agent Phoebe Wright for this assignment. An 800-meter professional, Wright has acted in some excellent chase scenes herself, knows what various body… »11/08/15 3:40pm11/08/15 3:40pm


One Mystery And Four Other Good Stories From The New York City Marathon

Gosh, it was fun to see a woman with some healthiness about her and FIEN—who is FIEN?—printed on her bib, out front just killing it in Sunday’s New York City Marathon. And wasn’t it a marvel to watch that cheetah Wilson Kipsang loping along at 5:05 or so per mile, easy as cracking a cold one?
»11/05/15 7:30pm11/05/15 7:30pm

Backwards Runners In Reverse Look Like Regular Runners, Only Weird

It takes a second to figure out what you’re watching here, but when you finally do, it’s merely very strange. It’s people running backward, but the video’s in reverse, so it makes them look like they’re casually jogging away from something chasing them. The ghoul from It Follows, maybe, or a particularly belligerent… »10/26/15 5:17pm10/26/15 5:17pm

Steve Jones Raw: Starting And Finishing A Marathon Doesn't Make You A Marathoner

Every year around Chicago Marathon time, mid-October, people want to talk to Steve Jones. He’s enjoyable at other times of year but, like pumpkin spice dark chocolate toffee curry simmer sauce, seems to sell well seasonally. It could be because in two successive autumns—1984, when he set the world marathon record, and… »10/14/15 8:30pm10/14/15 8:30pm

A Sampling of the Gross Shit That Has Happened to My Body Since I Started Running

The first time I wondered if I was possibly doing something wrong was when, while watching TV, I absently reached down to the second toe on my right foot and realized that my entire toenail had detached itself and was hanging on by the thinnest of cuticles, like a dingy white flag. I pulled it off painlessly and… »10/09/15 4:05pm10/09/15 4:05pm

Seven Habits Of Highly Awesome Middle School Runners

We’re trotting along, arms uptight and locked, kneecaps clanking, when one of the sixth-grade harriers pulled up short. In this group, sudden cessation of movement indicates either a haphazardly attached body part has fallen off, or the stalled vehicle has decided he hates cross country and is dropping out of the… »10/02/15 1:43pm10/02/15 1:43pm

Meet The Owner Of Track's Most Brutal Event

Here’s Kenyan steeplechaser Ezekiel Kemboi after winning that 3,000-meter barrier-and-pond race at the Track and Field World Championships in Beijing. This was his seventh gold or silver World Championship performance. He’s got two Olympic golds at home in the drawer, stacks of others too, and, wonder on top of… »8/31/15 9:00pm8/31/15 9:00pm

U.S. Steeplechase Runner Evan Jager Eats It, Triumphs

On the Fourth of July in Paris, Evan Jager did something perfect. The 26-year-old American lined up for a 3,000-meter steeplechase against nearly all of the best steeplers in the world, and over the first five minutes of the race, he joined Kenyan stud Jairus Birech in running away from the entire field. There was… »7/06/15 5:29pm7/06/15 5:29pm

Nike Coach Alberto Salazar Accused Of Drug Violations

The distance running world was shaken a few months ago by top-level Kenyan and Russian doping convictions, but, you know, that was somewhere else. It was over there, not here in the US of A. Until yesterday, ironically, National Running Day. Two Molotov cocktails—an article on ProPublica by David Epstein and an… »6/04/15 9:26pm6/04/15 9:26pm

Why The 800 Comes Down To Hunters And The Hunted

Sprinters, all bumpy with muscles, pressure packed—my god, you could bounce a dime off of any appendage and get two cents change—take to the track for the 800 meters. They saunter, super chill. The lankier mid-distance runners come out too, on the same track, at the same time, lean and prancing, wind sprinting,… »4/24/15 12:06pm4/24/15 12:06pm

Boston Marathon Winner Takes Lead Just Yards From Finish

Kenyan Caroline Rotich battled with Mare Dibaba over the last quarter mile to reach the finish steps ahead of the Ethiopian to win the Boston Marathon with an unofficial time of 2:24:55. Dibaba crossed the line just four seconds later. The full-out sprint made for the sixth-closest women’s finish in history. »4/20/15 12:19pm4/20/15 12:19pm