The Running Of The Bulls Keeps Happening Despite Shit Like This

A mere 23 people were injured during the most recent running of the bulls, which somehow is still a thing people do. The Associated Press has a gruesome rundown of the misfortunes that befell these silly twats, many of whom collided and bottlenecked at the entrance to the bull ring. Bulls then trampled, hurdled and… » 7/13/13 11:34am 7/13/13 11:34am

Welcome To Black Friday, America's Own Running Of The Bulls

Some of you are not old enough to remember the Cabbage Patch Riots of 1983, a dark time in our history when lawlessness ruled; where roving gangs of middle-aged women in housecoats would beat you senseless for a children's doll. Above is one of my favorite videos of all time, in which, at about the 40-second mark, …

» 11/28/08 2:30pm 11/28/08 2:30pm

Time Once Again To Run Alongside Confused Beef

If you don't count the stuff that goes on in Michael Vick's backyard, then the annual Running of the Bulls in Spain is probably my least favorite sporting event. My favorite sporting event? Well, I think that's been well documented. High five! But I have to admit that every year at this time, I root for the bulls. » 7/09/07 11:10am 7/09/07 11:10am