Johnny Cueto Gets Jeered, Drops Ball, Gives Up Home Run

PNC Park finally got to host playoff baseball, and the fans in Pittsburgh made it a party, screaming and chanting and jeering from the moment they passed through the turnstiles. And while there's no way to know for certain, it sure looked like the standing-room-only crowd got to Reds starter Johnny Cueto by the second… » 10/02/13 12:19pm 10/02/13 12:19pm

Russell Martin Leaves Canada's WBC Team Because They Won't Let Him Play…

Pirates backstop Russell Martin doesn't want to be a catcher. It's boring. You have to crouch all game. You never get to run around. You rarely get to throw the ball beyond returning it to the pitcher. Rather than getting to enjoy a sunny afternoon on the diamond, you have to spend every moment going I think we should… » 2/27/13 3:05pm 2/27/13 3:05pm

A Red Sox Fan Pulled A Jeffrey Maier And Gave The Yankees A Home Run

We thought last week's minor kerfluffle, on Bobby Valentine's game of employment chicken, would be the last Red Sox update we'd have to do this season. No sense piling on. But the Red Sox can't seem to stop doing terrible things. » 10/02/12 1:45pm 10/02/12 1:45pm

Ivan Nova Threw A Pitch Right Through His Catcher's Glove

Ivan Nova's season has been a colossal disappointment. Last year he was a breakout star, 16-4 and the Yankees' No. 2 starter, and things were only looking up. Now he's 12-8 with an ERA over 5.00, won't even be in New York's playoff rotation, and looking like yet another of the Yankees' vaunted crop of young arms that… » 9/28/12 10:15am 9/28/12 10:15am

Another Day, Another Umpire On A Power Trip

Today's petty tyrant is Laz Diaz, who worked home plate during last night's Yankees-Angels game in Anaheim. Diaz exchanged words with Yankee catcher Russell Martin over balls and strikes, which is a no-no on Martin's part. But according to Martin, Diaz responded in a unique and passive-aggressive way: he refused to let … » 5/31/12 11:35am 5/31/12 11:35am