Investigators: KGB Successor Enforced State-Approved Doping Program For Russian Athletes

The World Anti-Doping Agency just released the results of a months-long investigation into doping allegations leveled against Russian athletes. The investigators found that use of performance-enhancing drugs by Russian athletes—many of them Olympic athletes—is not only widespread, but also supported by the state. Hide… »11/09/15 2:50pm11/09/15 2:50pm


Russia Suspends Black Player For Flipping Off Fans Making Monkey Chants

One of Russia’s many problems is racism. And not just the quiet, personal racism you find everywhere in Europe; also the kind of blatant, in-your-face sort that ... you also find most everywhere in Europe. Take, for instance, the upheld suspension of Ghanaian-born midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong, who was punished for… »7/23/15 6:23pm7/23/15 6:23pm

Former NHL star and current Russian senator Slava Fetisov has called for rules that would prevent Ru

Former NHL star and current Russian senator Slava Fetisov has called for rules that would prevent Russian hockey players from going to the NHL before they turn 28. In the late ‘80s, Fetisov famously fought the Soviet bureaucracy to make the leap himself, before he got too old to be effective. »5/22/15 12:35pm5/22/15 12:35pm

Russian Hockey Brawl Leaves Coach Shirtless And Triumphant

This dude right here—who seems to be feeling pretty good about the fact that he just exited a hockey brawl down a shirt, jacket, and tie—is named Andrei Razin, and he’s the head coach of a hockey team in Russia’s minor league. He ended up this way after scrapping with opposing head coach Alex Zhdahin, who was getting… »4/03/15 12:04pm4/03/15 12:04pm

The Sochi Olympics Were Even More Of A Boondoggle Than You thought

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, were a scam from the very start. Sochi is a resort city with mild weather that had nothing close to the infrastructure necessary to host the Olympics, yet the initial budget was only $12 billion dollars. In comparison, the budget for the 2010 Winter Olympics—held in the much… »2/05/15 11:40pm2/05/15 11:40pm